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Burial at sea is the disposal of human remains in the ocean, normally from a ship or boat. Below we have answered frequently asked questions about our services and prices.


How much does the service cost?

Price varies based on services requested but is very affordable please call us at 863-446-3333 to get a custom quote today!

What does this include?

Scattering of ashes and certificate of burial with the longitude and latitude clearly marked if you ever want to go to the location.

How far out do you go scatter ashes?

Typically, we go 3 miles out to scatter ashes.

Are you insured?

Yes. we are insured and have all the proper licenses.

Is this a legal service?

Yes, this is a completely legal service.

Is a funeral director required for ash scattering services?

A funeral director is not required for the burial of cremated remains at sea.

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